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  1. Where can I purchase tickets? Can I purchase tickets at the door day of the show?
    • Tickets can be purchased online through the event pages on and
    • We recommend that you purchase your tickets online prior to the show to ensure you get a ticket. If tickets are available the day of the show, they will be available for purchase at our box office which will be open a few hours before the doors open for entry to the venue. Our box office is located on 44th street directly below our marquee. Please purchase tickets prior to getting in line for security.
  2. Can I scan my ticket from my phone?
    • Yes! Mobile tickets through the Ticketmaster app or paper tickets are acceptable.
    • Certain shows will also be sold through Groupon and Goldstar,. Tickets can be scanned through any of those phone apps.
  3. Where is will call located?
    • Will call is at the box office on 44th Street, below our marquee. Our box office will be open a few hours before doors open for entry to the venue on show days.
  4. Do you have ADA accommodations?
    • When you arrive at the venue, please inform Palladium Times Square security at the entrance who will ensure you are taken care of. We suggest you arrive early when doors open to ensure we can accommodate your requests prior to show time.
  5. Is there security at Palladium Times Square?
    • All persons are subject to search upon entry, including all bags, purses, coats, hats, and shoes. Please arrive early to allow for wait times in the security and ticket scan entry lines. Guests will be searched via wand, pat-down, or walk-through metal detector. You may be asked to empty your pockets and open bags so the contents can be inspected.
    • Palladium Times Square reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone with a prohibited item if such item cannot be checked at coat check, stored elsewhere, or disposed of, at the discretion of our security staff.
  6. What are my payment options at Palladium Times Square?
    • Our box office only takes Cash, Visa, or Mastercard.
    • Coat Check is cash only.
  7. Does Palladium Times Square have an age restriction? Do I need an ID?
    • Shows are “all ages” EXCEPT if otherwise noted on the ticketing page before purchase for a specific event. For “all ages” shows, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.
    • Age restricted shows require a government issued photo ID to enter (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, military ID card) which must be presented to security personnel prior to entry.
    • Not Valid ID: NYC ID cards, photographs of identification, school or university identification cards, foreign identification (except for passports).
    • Government issued identification is required to purchase alcoholic drinks.
  8. Does Palladium Times Square have seating?
    • Palladium Times Square has both seated and GA shows.
    • Seated shows are assigned reserved seats of the row and seat number described on the ticket purchased.
    • GA shows are mostly standing room on the floor and promenade of the venue. There are also theater seats in the back of the venue that may be open for first-come first-served seating during the show. These are not assigned or reserved seats and cannot be guaranteed to be open throughout the show.
    • There is also limited lounge seating in the lounge area near our bars.
  9. Set times
    • Door and show times are available on the event pages on or Set times may only be available day of show, through the artist’s page, or through the ticketing page.
  10. Can I bring my camera?
    • Palladium Times Square’s Camera policy may differ for each show.
    • Typically point and shoot cameras are allowed, (like on an Iphone or without detachable lenses)
    • Flash photography is not allowed.
  11. What kind of food and drinks are available?
    • Palladium Times Square has three full bars that serve water, soda, and a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. Light snacks are also available. Government issued ID is required for patrons age 21 or older to purchase alcoholic drinks.
  12. Does Palladium Times Square have a coat check?
    • Yes, there are three coat checks (red, yellow, and green) in the lobby of the theater. Coat check costs $5, cash only, per checked item (one item is one jacket/coat on a hanger or one personal bag). We ask that you please refrain from bringing large bags into the venue. Large bags may have to be taken by security to the coat check to be retrieved after the show.
  13. Can I smoke in Palladium Times Square?
    • Smoking of any kind, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited inside Palladium Times Square. There is an outdoor smoking section that you may access during the show and then re-enter into the theater.
  14. Does Palladium Times Square allow reentry?
    • There is no reentry into shows except when accessing the smoking section.
  15. Is Palladium Times Square available for rental?
  16. Is there parking near Palladium Times Square?
    • There are parking decks near the theater than you can park at for a fee. We highly encourage taking public transportation to Palladium Times Square.
  17. What items are allowed or prohibited in Palladium Times Square?

    • Allowed:

      • Prescription medication in its bottle with name that matched the ID of the person holding the bottle
      • Small bags or purses (any bag deemed too large may be coat checked by our security upon entry and can be retrieved from coat check after the show)
      • Small point and shoot cameras (cameras without detachable lenses)
      • Earplugs
      • Phone charging case or phone charger
    • Prohibited:

      • Weapons (pocket knives), pepper spray, fireworks, or weapon replicas
      • Illegal substances and paraphernalia
      • Outside food or drinks
      • Cameras with detachable lenses or recording equipment (go-pros, selfie sticks), drones
      • Stickers, flyers, handbills
      • Markers, spray paint
      • Laser pointers
      • Toys or stuffed animals
      • Glass, cans, aluminum bottles
      • Umbrellas (must be checked at coat check)
      • Noise makers or horns
      • Streamers, balloons, signs, beachballs
      • Animals (except service animals with corresponding paperwork to be reviewed prior to entry)
      • Security or employees have the right to restrict any other items deemed dangerous or hazardous
  18. Does Palladium Times Square have a dress code?

    • Shoes, tops, and bottoms are required at all times.
  19. Guest Conduct

    • Guests who are overly intoxicated, rowdy, throwing objects, standing on furniture, or any other actions deemed dangerous or disruptive by event security or Palladium Times Square’s employees are subject to ejection from the Palladium without reentry or refund.
  20. COVID-19 Policies

    • Palladium Times Square follows the current COVID-19 Vaccination policies of New York City. Please see our event pages for more details.

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Vaccination Proof for Indoor Activities (Key to NYC)

Children: Starting December 14, children ages 5 to 11 will be required to have proof of vaccination for public indoor activities. They must show they have received at least one dose of a vaccine. Full Vaccination: Starting December 27, people 12 and older participating in public indoor activities will be required to show proof they have received two vaccine doses, except for those who have received the one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. People 18 and older are also required to show identification along with their proof of vaccination.